The REPLAY game offers the ability for teachers/social workers to create players in the player management system, to select one of two levels of content (depending on the age and ability of and the player) and then to run the game with those players. (The game is designed to be played by an individual child with a a teacher/social worker sitting alongside them).

The current content is aimed at children between the ages of 10 and 14 and is available in English, Spanish and Romanian (more languages available on request).

The game has three modes: first, a 'Demo' environment where the player can get used to the interaction with the technology and the way that the control devices affect the movement of the character in the game. Second, a 'Play' mode which allows the player to complete a REPLAY 'run' by racing through the course and completing the six activities along the way. And third, a 'REPLAY' mode that allows the player and the teacher/social worker to review the choices and responses given during the play session and discuss these in depth.

The current content focuses on a range of issues. For an overview of the current activities click here.

The REPLAY game has proved to be a highly effective tool in engaging young people around difficult issues in their lives. It creates an environment where they feel safe and in control and, in so doing, opens them up to a more honest and open dialogue. The consquence of this is that issues can be more effectively dealt with by teachers/social workers and stronger relationships are created between those playing the game and the adult sitting with them.

The full REPLAY product consists of three elements. First, the REPLAY software platform. Second, the PC on which the software runs. And third, the interactive balance board that is used to enable players to control the game. For more information about purchasing REPLAY, see the Buy REPLAY page of the website.