Last April, Replay project participated in 2nd Conference on Computer Support Education (CSEDU) Conference held in Valencia (Spain). The presentation about Replay Project carried out by Jim Playfoot from WhiteLoop can be watched at Replay Channel in youtube:

Also in this venue, Francisco Ibanez (Brainstorm)as the project coordinator, participated as chairman of an specific Workshop devoted to "Gaming Platforms for Education and Re-education Processes"

AIJU and Brainstorm participated in the International Technology, Education and Development Conference (INTED) held in Valencia from 8th to 10th of March 2010. In this conference the results obtained from the validation stage of Replay project were shown.


Jim Playfoot (White Loop) on behalf of REPLAY project was invited to participate in one of the Networking Sessions within the ICT 2010 event that took place in Brussels during 27 to 29 September 2010. The title of the discussion was "Research and Development on Serious Games" where to discuss research, implications and future directions of serious games in different fields (affective computing, learning, entertainment, care and assistance at home, mental health, etc).


WhiteLoop, Brainstorm and InnovaTec, as representatives of Replay were present at Incluso Conference 2010, which took place on 13-14 September 2010 in Leuven (Belgium). In this event, a project presentation was done showing the final results obtained from Testing and besides a live demo where Jim Playfoot and Francisco Ibanez showed to the audience how the interactive gaming platform works and the possibilities it provides. Watch the whole presentation in Replay Channel in youtube

REPLAY Factsheet EG v4

The ICT forInclusion Unit of the European Commission, as a token of support and commitment on Replay Project, has published recently a factsheet about Replay Project where the goals and results obtained in the project are clearly explained. This document is expected to be spread internationally./p>


This workshop organized by ICT for Inclusion Unity of EC, took place in Brussels during 20th and 21st January 2010.

Different EC research projects addressed to the improvement of the social situation of youth at risk of social exclusion participated in this interesting event. White Loop, Brainstorm and Innovatec on behalf of Replay Consortia presented to the audience the project progress and the results obtained so far. This event turned out to be very interesting because provided the opportunity to know other initiatives related to the same area and identify new cooperation possibilities for the future. At the same time, REPLAY project was positively assessed by EC.



Recently, Replay project was chosen at the European Commission website by the Editor's choice, as the most important case of the week. E-practice is considered as a relevant website, in terms of dissemination of European funded Projects, where the most interesting initiatives are published in it.

Press Conference – AIJU, BRAINSTORM, Centro de Dia- EL CEREZO (Villena, 5th March 2010)

Last 5th March a press conference about REPLAY Project was held in Villena (Spain), different local and regional media attended the appointment. Three Spanish partners participated in this event: Brainstorm as Project coordinator, AIJU and El Cerezo as a user centre. As representatives, Francisco Ibanez (Brainstorm) and El Cerezo's Head Teacher explained carefully, what the project consists on, its objectives and the achievements obtained during the project life and the possibilities that the project can provide to educational centres in the future.

Watch now the press conference in our REPLAY channel in youtube:

Instructions of Platform Assembly - Innovatec

Innovatec, as the partner responsible of the platform prototype development, has edited an explanatory video with the instructions of the platform assembly in order to facilitate this process in the user centres. You can visit the video instructions directly at or visiting Replay´s channel in youtube:

18th Monthly Meeting (London- Whiteloop)

During 9th and 10th December 2009, Whiteloop hosted our eighteen-monthly meeting of Replay Project in London (UK). The meeting was devoted to deal with different issues concerning project progress. To start with, the partners summarized the work done during the previous 6 months paying attention to the technical problems that came up in technology integration. After this introduction, the group focused on preparing the upcoming validating sessions in the user centres from the three countries reaching an agreement in the methodology to be followed during the validation sessions. Connected to this stage, Whiteloop explained the list of objectives and indicators to be take into account in the socio-economic and ethical assessment within WP4. To conclude, the consortia agreed the planning for the last 6 months of the project.

Online Educa Berlin (2-4th December 2009)

The Leaflet of the Replay project has been displayed at the Commission's stand at Online Educa Berlin, the largest global e-learning conference for the corporate and public service sectors in education and training, along with the July issue of the newsletter.

ICERI 2009 - International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation Madrid, 16-18th November 2009

The Replay partners

Last November, The Replay partners, AIJU and Whiteloop, attended ICERI venue in Madrid to present the REPLAY project and the current results.

International Conference on Applied Psychology: Diversity and Consistency, 25-27 September 2009, Gura Humorului, Romania

Prof. PhD Carmen Cretu on behalf of UAIC, participated in the "International Conference on Applied Psychology" held in Romania, in order to present a scientific paper concerning to the methodology applied in REPLAY Project for defining the target audience to be addressed within the game.

USPTO Pending Patents submitted to protect the Platform Design

USPTO Pending Patents submitted to protect the Platform Design

In November, according to the Project Dissemination and Exploitation Plan, the Spanish company, Innovatec, has proceeded to submit the US pending patent of the designs of the gaming platform developed in REPLAY project.

Participation of REPLAY Project in CSEDU 2010

The Coordinator of the project, Francisco Ibanez, on behalf of Brainstorm, AIJU and Innovatec will participate as chairman in the next the "1st International Workshop on Gaming Platforms for Education and Reeducation Purposes - GPERP 2010" within "CSEDU 2010: 2nd International Conference on Computer Supported Education". This event will take place in Valencia (Spain) on 9th April 2010 and aims at becoming a yearly meeting place for presenting and discussing new educational environments, best practices and case studies on innovative technology-based learning strategies, institutional policies on computer supported education including open and distance education, using computers.

New Member for the International Interest Group, June 2009

University of Linkoping joined the International Interest Group

In June, the University of Linkoping joined the International Interest Group of Replay project. They found the project very interested, contacted the project coordinator and we visited them to present the objectives of the project and the public results obtained so far. The University found the project very interested and asked us to prepare a demonstration session in the future in Sweden with some interested schools from Linkoping and Norrkoping area. The visit was very productive not only in terms of Replay project but also in common initiatives for e-inclusion to be developed with this important and recognised University at European level.

1st Six-Monthly Meeting, January 2009

1st Six-Monthly Meeting

IASI, Romania

In January 2009, IASI (Romania) hosted the first six-monthly meeting of Replay Project. The meeting was very well organised visiting Rotalent, the final users' centre that will organise the validating sessions in Romania and other Schools interested in joining the project and validate the interactive and educative game. During the meeting, the project partners met also the scientific team in University I.A Cuza in charge of leading the Needs and Requirements Workpackage and participating also in the definition and selection of contents for the game. The results obtained from WP1 were evaluated and analysed and obtaining a common conclusion from experts of three countries in terms of Replay not only a good instrument for re-education but also as a preventive programme in the conventional educational process. The next six months of the project was also planned in terms of game design and contents generation.

REPLAY Kick-Off Meeting, 3rd and 4th July

Kick-Off Meeting

Valencia - Brainstorm

Valencia saw the inaugural event for the REPLAY project. The Partner organisations making up the REPLAY consortium met to establish priorities and coordinate efforts to achieving a comprehensive baseline and landscape of present initiatives in the field of "resinserting marginalised young people in Society through advanced playing". This meeting saw the initiation of the WP1 stage of the project and presented the chance for Partners to establish a coordinated view of how the project should progress in the future. Representatives from all partners partiticipated in the meeting getting important feed-back for the future development in each dicipline of the project: social and technological.

The Consortium planned the work to be done for the first 6 months, specially for WP1- User Requirements Definition to be carried out from the start of the project to month 5 (November 08). The proposed plan was agreed by the rest of the Consortium.

Focus Groups Meeting, September 2008

Focus Group Meeting

IBI - Spain, London-UK and IASI - Romania

Three parallel Focus Groups Meetings with experts from Romania, United Kingdom and Spain were organised in each country in September as a key part of the WP1.- User Requirements Definition. The feed-back obtained will lead the content generation and, above all, the development of the overall game including play proposals and dynamics and feed back for the users and experts. The most important result obtained from this Focus Group Meetings is the homogeneity of the information obtained and the general excitement of the experts in this project and the future application of Replay in preventive and therapeutic programmes.

Technical Meeting, November 2008

Technical Meeting


An specific technical meeting was held in Valencia. Brainstorm, AIJU, Whiteloop were physically in the meeting and UAIC attended remotely (videoconference). In this meeting a game framework was defined according to the opinions and suggestion of the experts. The proposal, covering the output of the Focus Groups meetings with experts, was technically checked by Brainstorm in order to avoid technical limitations in a further development of the game framework. This proposal, was the basis for the presentation to the potential users and the source for gathering the strong and weak points and colecting suggestions.

Interviews to Potential Users, Novembr/December 2008

User Interviews

IBI- Spain, London-UK and IASI- Romania

Semi-in-depth interviews to potential users were held in Spain, UK and Romania. 30 users were interviewed (10 in each country) about their preferences in videogames. AIJU, WhiteLoop and UAIC presented the game framework agreed in the previous technical meeting in Valencia, explaining how the game have been conceived. The users actively participate in the interviews giving their opinion about the game (positive and negative aspects) and offering very interesting suggestions for the game and play proposals design. These opinion were the basis to update and improve the game proposal and to define the basic functional specifications of the game in terms of content, hardware and software. The final functional specification will be defined in WP2 and will guide the development of the prototype.

rePlay Newsletters

Download newsletter: Jan 2009 July 2009 December 2009

Press release

In July 2008, Brainstorm and AIJU prepared and launched a Press Release informing about the start of the REPLAY project. The press release was sent to the media and we are waiting for publication. All the publications will be stored in our Dissemintation Dossier set up expressely for recording the dissemination activities.

Download:  Press ReleasePress Dossier

Download leaflet 1:  EnglishSpanishRomanian

Download leaflet 2

Paper Conference

Dr. Phd. Carment Cretu will present REPLAY project in the International Conference "Violenţa în familie: între stigmatizare,acceptare socială şi intervenţie terapeutică" / Domestic Violence: between Stigmatisation, Social Acceptance and Therapeutic Intervention. This Conference on Psychology will take place in Iasi the 12th and 13th September and is organised by the “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iaşi, Faculty of Psychology and Sciences of Education, Department of Medical Psychology and Special Psychopedagogy and Romanian Association of Psychologists.

The aims of the this scientific event is to create the context of analysis and discussions of the multiple aspects of domestic violence: evolutions, public attitudes (stigmatisation versus acceptance), risk factors, its impact on the direct or indirect victims, characteristics of this type of violence, counselling and psychotherapy in the cases of family violence (individual, familial), prevention strategies. More information about the Conference, click here.

Download the prepared paper