Project rePlay:
Gaming Technology Platform for Social Reintegration of Marginalised Youth

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rePlay Case Study

Our project case study was featured as 'Editor's Choice 2010' on the European Commission website. If you'd like to read a full transcript of the case study, explaining how the project was run and how the technology was developed and tested, please click here

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rePlay Opportunities

With the rePlay project now finished, the commercial partners in the consortium are exploring the potential for partnerships and collaboration that will bring the product to market and extend the use of the technology itself.

If you are interested in the commerical opportunities we are exploring, please contact us to find our more.

rePlay Demonstrations

Since the end of the funded phase of the rePlay project, we have been asked to contribute to a number of events and congresses within Europe as a means of building partnerships, sharing experiences and moving the rePlay technology towards a commercial footing. This has included participation in two EU-sponsored events including the Digital Agenda Assembly in June 2011.

Project participant Jim Playfoot will present the findings from the Replay project at the inaugral Games for Health Europe Conference in Amsterdam in October.